Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my wohoo 1st bloggie

perempuan the si gila
like to crap, naik miang and share dirty jokes..
my friend..( my lesbo partner) eejane..call me sam ku ( aunty)
my sister call me siao cha bo ( perempuan gila )
my younger sister call dai po leng ( big breast)
my friends call me ah suan ji ( sister suan ), jelly fish, and many more..
my hobby is to see hot sexy gays with sexy butt..( wahahah)
this photo prove you that how hiao i am..
even mr mcdonald can't stand with my hauness..kekeke


  1. aiyer..beh tahan lu la.hiao ka bo lang uh!

  2. ti si sam ku uu blog eh?

    you know, it reminds me of lau cha boh, eh hiau eong PDA eh..with lauchaboh.blogspot.com.

    your blog should be samku.blogspot.com maaa...